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Help Me Complete My Educational Journey | Donate To My Educational Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends,


I am really grateful to my life and all the wonderful friends who have supported me to get this far. I come to you with a special invitation to join me on a journey .. and educational journey.  


I am doing a fundraising campaign to help me collect funds to pay for the second half of the New Field Asia course we are now all doing. It is a big amount, I need your support. 


I have designed a very special tea box sampler which I can give to you as a token of my appreciation for any donation or contribution to my educational fund.


This sampler box is specially designed for this New Field Asia group and it comes with a large selection of samples of every tea flavor, including our very special Earl Grey special mix. This one has been one of my best sellers.  


The box is designed to be presented as a gift, so if you are not a big tea drinker, you can gift to someone else.  You can also share my story and how your donation helped me continue and complete this very important course with New Field Asia.


I am very much excited to see you all in September and bring with me the product of my hard work: Nilu Tea branded tea boxes.


Education and empowerment have changed my life.  I am deeply grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from this group.






A candid, behind the scenes video taken right after an interview.  Nilu is put on the spot and asked what it means to have her own tea brand. 

Most of the time, video interviews are scripted and follow a set agenda. So what happens when you go off script? Sometimes you capture "heart talk" like it was done in this video.  

We included the entire exchange to show the transition from script talk to heart talk.


The best part is at the end - make sure you watch!

Heart Talk | What Nilu Tea Means To Me!

Premium Tea Sampler

Gift Set

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